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Kamphaeng Phet

is a town (thesaban mueang) in central Thailand, former of the Province. It covers the complete tambon Nai Mueang of the Mueang district. As of 2005 it has a population of 30,114.

is an archeological site in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand. Along with Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai historical park, it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns. Major features in the Historical Park include archaeological remains of ancient sites such as Mueang Chakangrao to the east of the Ping River, Mueang Nakhon Chum to the west and Mueang Trai Trueng some 18 km from the town to the southwest. Chakangrao, the ancient Kamphaeng Phet town, had the same town planning concept as the old Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai, with separate zones for religious sites both within and outside of town limits. Structures are usually large and made of laterite. Religious sites on the west bank of the Ping at Nakhon Chum are built of bricks and of smaller size.

and old fortifications mark the boundary of the rectangular town area, measuring 300–700 metres wide and 2,200 metres long.