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Circus… is Family! (Trailer)

Zirkus... Das ist Familie!

Circus… is Family (original german title: “Zirkus… Das ist Familie!”) is a documentry about the Austrian “Circus Pikard”. We followed the circus for more then one year. Here you can watch the first trailer. The documentary will be released later this year!!! Some facts:…

TV- & News Team Austria

TV- & News Team Austria

Looking for an ENG-, TV-, News- or Camera-Team in Austria ? ClipsToGo offers various services around ENG-, TV-, Features- or News Teams. Several languages & equipements are available. Give us a call for an ENG-/TV- Team in Austria +43 (0) 664 / 336 51 25…

Looking for “royality-free-footage”?

Looking for some “royality-free-footage”? Looking for certain countries or situations? ClipsToGo… can help! We offer a wide range of royality-free stock footag. Right now there are   >>> 28.500 clips online <<< We also can do your research (especially in Austria & Central Europe)…

corporate film – List Group

When trainees award their trainers In this corporate film we worked together with the trainees themselves. The teenagers did parts of the script and shared a lot of ideas for that production. First it was a idea for us… now we know that the try…

corporate film – Nespresso PODIGIO

Share a Nespresso with PRODIGIO For the launch of the first connected Nespresso machine, PRODIGIO, we combined exclusive coffee pleasure with an innovative and digital ad format and created a unqiue realtime experience. Users of the most-visited Austrian news website,, were able…

corporate film – Viennese Prater

Viennese Prater The Wiener Prater is a large public park in Vienna’s 2nd district (Leopoldstadt). If people talk about the Wiener Parter they often mean the “Wurstelprater”. The so called “Wurstelprater” is the oldest amusement park in the world. But the Wiener Prater…

how to ?

how to??? pls go to *clips-…* in the upper menu and choose your category. all tags and descriptions are in english. all video-previews are 3 second long and in small quality on this site. all sequences start with a minimum of 7 seconds…


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